Tax reporting is completed on an annual or semi-annual basis, depending on the collection frequency of the taxing authority. Basic Life-of-Loan Service includes:
Delinquent Tax Report: This report lists borrowers who are in arrears in the payment of their real estate taxes.
Different Owner Report: This report is produced when a different Owner of Record appears on the county tax rolls. This report alerts the lender of the possible unauthorized transfer of the loan.
Incorrect Information Report: This report is produced when research reveals an inconsistency in parcel number or address.
Monthly Lender's Report: This report is prepared at the beginning of each month listing all contracts received from the lender in the previous month. We will provide a copy of every Service Contract, showing the date received, if the lender requests.
These services may be added to the Basic Tax Service for an additional fee:

Delinquent Tax Letter: Nationwide will prepare and forward to the borrower a Delinquent Tax Letter detailing the delinquent amount and late penalties, as applicable. A duplicate copy is prepared and forwarded to the lender.

Impound Account Service: Nationwide will, at the appropriate time, secure the tax bills for the subject property and report this information to the lender. For an additional fee, Nationwide will disburse funds to the taxing authority on the lender’s behalf. Note that properties under Impound Account Service will not be reported for delinquencies.

Renewals and Notice of Change: Nationwide will gladly extend our original service upon receipt of a renewal fee. We request that clients notify Nationwide of changes, corrections, or cancellations to their Service Contracts.

Flood Determinations: Manually researched to the structure. 90 minute average turnaround time. Free rush service and consultations. See the Compliance Services link for more detail.
At no additional cost, our services may be ordered online using our Tax-Tie Online Order Form. Services can be ordered together or separately without duplicate data entry. Please call our office  for details regarding this time saving step in the order  process.
Outsourcing real estate tax service and flood certification requirements to Nationwide allows the client more time to concentrate on what they do best and, as a result, reduce costs. Our services streamline the operation of client’s loan origination and servicing departments, eliminating the potential for penalties and reducing the likelihood of potential loss.
Parcel to Address Verification: Every flood cert and every tax contract is cross-checked against county parcel records for unparalleled accuracy.
Longevity and Dependability: Established in 1987, tax and flood service has been our only business, which provides our clients with unbiased research.
Accuracy and Timeliness: Our trained technicians employ stringent quality control initiatives approved by industry standards to provide accurate results. We treat each client’s needs as priority and report with timeliness, without sacrificing quality.
Easy Ordering and Delivery: Fax, E-mail, Mail, or use our easy On-Line ordering system to place your orders at no extra charge.
Accessibility: All incoming calls are answered by dedicated representatives during business hours.
Competitive Pricing: All of our services have flat fees; there are no prorations to calculate.
Professional Liability: Nationwide carries E&O insurance for our clients’ protection and ease of mind.
NFDA Certified since 2005: One of the first companies to be certified by the National Flood Determination Association by independently verified standards of accuracy, business recovery, business experience, financial viability, training, quality assurance, and record keeping
Client Newsletter: A quarterly publication containing key industry issues, regulatory updates, employee training exercises, human interest articles, and a dose of humor and fun.
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